Friday, October 4, 2013


This is a type of traditional rangoli.In this the main thing is we should take a keen note on the center point of thedrawing,then only the finishing will be  even. This rangoli is drawn with te help ofsketches and only colour pencils.the center attraction is that the leaf Vinayagar(Ganesh).this rangolies are drawn for festivals

This is as same as the previous one but the inner image is changed. This is a type of lotus Vinayagar. this vinayagar can be used as a traditional tatoo.  This mixture of traditional rangoli can be drawn a mehandi design at the time of betrothal or wedding lock in the hands of bridal queen.

This is an ordinary Rangoli.with a mixture of dark and light Colours. The designs used in this are Creative and eventual.The designs should be unique and even for rangolies. this can also be used for mehandi in hands 


Rangoli is  an art with a combination of traditional and modern designs. It is based on creative and attractive designs. The designs with which rangolies are drawn are very much attractive and colorful. Actually rangoli means colors in the language of hindi. When an art is drawn in pencil it is very much wondered for its creativity. But when that the same is given with mixing of matching colors rangoli is formed.

There are many types of rangolies:

Black and white Rangoli
Coloured Rangoli
Rangoli formed with Flowers( Onam)
Rangoli in Beads
Rangoli can also be decorated with Different types of Dhals and Nava Dhaniyams.

The Traditional and Modern Mehandhi Designs are nothing but the same mixture of Rangolies.

Black White Rangolies :

These are ordinary Rangolies drawn with usual Kolam Powder(Rice Flour).These can also be called as routine or daily  rangolies. The Tamil Word Kolams are Very popular and  Famous one in Indian country. The girls and Ladies in houses get up early morning and draw these Kolams outside their houses ie in even platform entering the house. When they finish of these kolams they give red powder bordering their designs. They call that red powder as Semman.
          When they Finish of their Kolam with the Borders, It looks beautiful and very much welcoming for those entering their houses. They Believe that Kolam is the cultured one that welcomes Godess Mahalakshmi to the houses.

Coloured Rangolies:

Rangolies are drawn with the help of Colours. The Different types of Colour Combination given is Rangoli is its Main attraction. The colors used for Rangolies should be a mixture of Light and dark colours. For example dark Violet with light pink and Red with Sandal and light blue with Mejantha like wise.
Rangolies in white papers
Rangolies in Floors:

When Rangolies are drawn in papers and notes, we use Sketches, Colour pencils and Crayons. As such we also use waters clours , oil colours, stick pens,poster colours and some other modern items that now introduced in markets.

Rangolies drawn in floors and outside houses are coloured using colour powders.

In addition to this we can also use these rangoli designs in Dresses and Fabrics.
In addition to the art, pictures, cartoons, flowers and leaf designs, modern art pictures, celebrity figures, stripes, fruit designs and others fashion designs can also be combined with these rangoli designs and given in fabrics and dresses. And these can be done with the help of Fevicryl and glittering Colours.We can draw some designs as rangolies andthat can also be embroidered with silk and woolen threads.

Flowered Rangolies:

Rangolies can also be drawn and decorated with flowers. this is very popular and familiar in Kerela side at the Onam. This occasion is mainly based on decorating the places with the rangoli made in flowers. we can use any type of flowers for the purpose. this flowered rangoli is very attractive and realistic and natural. This types of rangolies stays of a day or two.

 The rangolies are the Decorative ones. The rangoli is a thing which can be drawn and decorated and even with beads at the time of occasions. This is can be